Ultimate Podcast Marketing
The Super Cool Secret Reasons You Should Have A Podcast
Ultimate Podcast Marketing
The Super Cool Secret Reasons You Should Have A Podcast
Feb 09, 2021 Episode 47
Emily Milling

If you’ve been listening to Ultimate Podcast Marketing for a while and don’t have a podcast yet, I want this to be the episode that takes you to the next level! I know a lot of listeners feel like maybe they’ll get to it eventually but the time isn’t quite right yet, or maybe there’s some sort of belief that whatever you want to talk about isn’t important. I know because I felt that, and still feel that. 47 episodes in, and I still feel that. 

But if you don’t have a podcast yet, and you want to start one, you’re missing out on all the amazing things that go along with having one - the secret, hidden bonus reasons that only podcasters get to experience! And I want to help you get off the sidelines today and feel totally empowered to have your own podcast, with a list of reasons why you should have a podcast that you never knew existed!

1. You get to meet and talk to people that were previously off-limits. 

2. You get to build your brand awareness without “going live”

3. When you’re ready to sell something, you’ve got a built in audience!

4. You slowly start to believe that you’re as smart as everyone else already knows you are

5. It’s the easiest way to stay consistent with your content

So these are my top 5 reasons why you should have a podcast that you’ve probably never considered. And if these helped you to feel inspired to start your own podcast, I’d like you to take the next step with me today. When you take your earbuds out, head over to theultimatecreative.com/startapodcast and get instant access to my mini-course, the Podcast Prep Party. 

Usually I offer this mini-course for $37, BUT, I’m going to give you a code to start in on it for $0. Why? Because I love you. But this is only going to be available until February 28, 2021, so make sure you sign up right away! The code is IAMAPODCASTER and I will put all the details in the show notes!

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