How To Choose A Podcast Format
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How To Choose A Podcast Format
Feb 23, 2021 Season 1 Episode 49
Emily Milling

In this episode I’m going to walk you through the most popular podcast formats so that you can make a decision on the podcast format you will choose for your own show!

We’re going to be covering the following podcast formats:

  • Solo Shows: Perfect for entrepreneurs that want to elevate their expert status, by getting deep into topics that their potential clients want to hear about. 
  • Co-hosted: An awesome way to elevate your expert status, connect with your potential customers and build a community around your passions with a pal.
  • Interviews: Perfect for expanding your audience reach and building your network while providing a lot of value for your audience. 
  • Documentary Style: If you love true crime podcasts, this style requires some serious editing chops, so be prepared to practice the fine art of audio editing!
  • Fictional or Radio Play: Amazing for creatives that want to explore narrative content through audio! 
  • Video Podcast: Awesome for those that want to double up on their output by posting both to YouTube and all the podcast channels!
  • Live Shows: Great for building your network and engaging with your audience!

There you have it! Check out the blog post that accompanies this episode for a very thorough review of the most popular podcast formats you might choose for your own podcast!

Which format are you leaning towards? Send me an email at or DM me at @the_ultimatecreative on Instagram to let me know! I’d love to hear what you’re choosing, and why! 

And if you’re having a hard time choosing, you can even send me a voice memo and I will answer your question on an upcoming episode of Ultimate Podcast Marketing!


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