Replay: Ep 27 - Top 10 Podcasting Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)
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Replay: Ep 27 - Top 10 Podcasting Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)
Mar 30, 2021 Season 1
Emily Milling

Welcome to Day two of 5 days to start your podcast! This week I’m sharing a replay episode every single day from my archive to help those of you who are looking to launch a podcast in the next month, to celebrate the kick off of my course Podcast Rocket!

Podcast Rocket is my 5-week program that takes you from podcast concept to launch, with video lessons, live calls, and a zillion templates to make your life SO much easier. Doors for that program open up next week on April 7, and I’ll be doing a live info session that day too which I’d love to see you at. I’m going to be answering questions about Podcast Rocket, I’ve got a bonus for live attendees, and I’m going to walk you through the essential pieces you need to launch your podcast. Make sure you sign up for that here!

Without further ado, here’s the replay for Episode 27, Top 10 Podcasting Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them) - which originally aired on September 22, 2020.


Have you ever listened to a podcast and wondered why it doesn’t exactly sound... right? Everybody has a different setup which means the same rules will never apply, but there ARE some specific things everyone can do to create better podcasts. 

I’m going to take you through my top 10 podcasting mistakes and how to avoid them, so that you can create polished, magnificent content!

  1. Randomly releasing episodes when you feel like it. Consistency is key with all content marketing. Heck, with all content generally!
  2. Recording with the wrong micI realize this sounds pretty basic but it’s actually very common.
  3. Recording virtual interviews over Zoom. There is absolutely no reason to buy a nice mic if you’re going to record your interviews on Zoom.
  4. Not balancing out the volume levels on multiple tracks. Everyone speaks at different volumes and it can make editing difficult.
  5. Pretending to be someone you’re not. Quite possibly the worst podcasting mistake, pretending to be someone you’re not is basically shooting yourself in the foot.
  6. Not testing your setup before you record. What’s worse, fighting with your recording software for a few minutes or realizing that you’ve recorded everything on your computer mic instead of your fancy expensive mic that you spent money on specifically for this content?
  7. Not recording virtual interviews in more than one place. I always get bewildered looks when I tell people I record in at least 3 places when I’m doing guest interviews remotely. But I have used those backup recordings before, and I will use them again
  8. Forgetting to hit record altogether. You’re testing, you’re anxious about a guest or you’re feeling rushed for time - and then you click back to your recording software and realize you’ve totally forgotten to hit record. AAAHH!
  9. Recording in spaces with too much noise/Not enough soft surfaces. This is probably the least offensive of all the podcasting mistakes I’m covering here.
  10. Not asking people to rate, review and subscribe. It’s not pushy or salesy, you’re giving them free content!

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