The Kundalini Consortium Podcast
From Self-Indulgence to Self-Realization
From Self-Indulgence to Self-Realization 12:57 The Journey and the Destination 11:45 How Sexual Sublimation Works 10:01 COVID-19 and Kundalini 7:35 Kundalini and Pop Culture 15:03 Changing Human Nature 12:01 Drugs and Kundalini 9:31 Kundalini and Neuroplasticty 12:11 More Science of Breathing 8:51 The Science of Breathing 11:15 Kundalini, Enlightenment, and Staying in the Now 12:49 Birth and Rebirth 13:16 Alone and Unloved 9:04 When Kundalini Isn't Wanted 14:02 Violence and Self-Hate 7:10 Kundalini Triggers and Effects 8:05