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Scale With Speed Podcast - "Compressing Time" Episode 01

August 28, 2020 Matt Manero & Judge Graham Season 1 Episode 1
Scale With Speed Podcast
Scale With Speed Podcast - "Compressing Time" Episode 01
Show Notes

SWS Podcast – episode #1 – “Compressing Time”
Matt and Judge are in the studio today discussing the importance of “Compressing Time” within your business.  Here are the highlight notes for your review.  Comments are always welcome!
Compressing time talking points:
Time kills deals – customers want what they want and they want it NOW!
Time kills progress – your business needs momentum – all day every day
Time kills long term income – you need the power of compound interest
Time kills culture – without a culture of compressing time – NOW – LIKE NOW! – your people will get sleepy.
Time doesn’t heal wounds.  Time makes the wounds deeper.
Here are the five things time kills in your business
1. Time kills deals
2. Time kills progress
3. Time kills long term income
4. Time kills energy
5. Time kills culture
YOUR MONDAY MOMENT - 5 Tips to “compress time” starting on Monday
1. Where is my money!  Compress time to make money NOW!
2. Create speed as a core value within your organization
3. Build out your end game plan – NOW!
4. Focus massive attention on the biggest opportunities.  Finish what you start – FAST!
5. Set deadlines – don’t accept them being missed. 
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