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Scale With Speed Podcast - "Setting Expectations For Your Staff" Episode 02

September 02, 2020 Matt Manero & Judge Graham Season 1 Episode 2
Scale With Speed Podcast
Scale With Speed Podcast - "Setting Expectations For Your Staff" Episode 02
Show Notes

SWS Podcast – episode #2 – “Setting expectations for your staff”

Setting Expectations talking points:

Let’s get something clear…your staff wants to do well. But…they are unclear.  They are confused.  You have not taken the time to CLEARLY layout and train on the expectations you have for them.
Here are the five areas that your staff are unclear about
1. Unclear about what YOU expect of them
2. Unclear about their levels of success
3. Unclear about their daily activities of effort
4. Unclear about tools that the company offers to help the be successful
a. Sales material
b. Tech
c. Website
d. Videos
e. Articles
f. Management assistance
g. Training
5. Unclear about their boundaries as an employee
JUDGE AND MATT TO TELL STORIES OF: – how the tools provided today are SO MUCH better than the tools when Judge and Matt started
a. Google
b. Youtube
c. Support
d. IT
e. Network/connection
f. Foundational history of your company
g. Training
Let’s talk about setting expectations for yourself
1. What do you want from your business?
a. Money, time, impact, fame?
2. What do you have to do to meet these expectations?
YOUR MONDAY MOMENT - 5 Tips to “set expectations” starting on Monday
3. Create job descriptions
4. Map out the expectations of daily effort (calls, presentations, quotes, etc.)
5. Remind everyone of the tools your company has to make the successful
1. Train your people – DAILY
2. Communicate with your staff – DAILY
3. Be relentless to the clear expectations

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