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Scale With Speed Podcast - "Celebrating Everything" Episode 03

September 03, 2020 Matt Manero & Judge Graham Season 1 Episode 3
Scale With Speed Podcast
Scale With Speed Podcast - "Celebrating Everything" Episode 03
Show Notes

SWS Podcast – episode #3 – “Celebrate everything”

Talking points:
The magic of entrepreneurship is real.  As the big boss, you have major responsibilities.  But one of the overlooked responsibilities is to help your staff enjoy their work and feel good about themselves.  Therefore…create opportunities to CELEBRATE EVERYTHING.
Popping champaign only happens in the movies.   Most deals that won, take a LONG TIME, by the time the deal is done, you are already onto the next deal.  Take time to celebrate along the way.
Why celebrating at work matters:
1. Some people have shitty lives.  Do everything you can to help them not have a shitty work life too.
2. The winners require you to celebrate them!
3. Celebrations are cheap.
4. Celebrations can be the result of a competition, and competition gets the most out of people’s efforts
Matt – bootcamp champ award.
Judge – when he sold SQ1
YOUR MONDAY MOMENT - 5 Tips to “celebrate everything” starting on Monday
1. Order awards on Amazon – make the awards cool
a. Trophies
b. Medals
c. WWE belts
d. Gift cards
e. Cash
2. Run a contest
3. Give awards in a public setting
4. Start the process all over again next week
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