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Titers: Are you using them wisely?

December 15, 2020 Will Falconer, DVM Episode 16
Vital Animal Podcast
Titers: Are you using them wisely?
Show Notes

#016 In this interview, I’m the guest and I’m being interviewed on homeopath Julie Anne Lee’s Adored Beast show. Tune in to learn how you can use titers wisely and save both money and your pet’s health when you know this stuff.

Titers seem simple enough on the surface: they are measures of antibodies your animal has made to a germ of some sort, usually a virus.

But what are the limits of titer testing?

Does your vet read titers properly? 

Do breeders understand the difference between vaccination and immunization?

13:00 What value does a titer have? Less vaccines? And why would you want to limit vaccines?

If a vaccine label says “Repeat annually” what does that really mean? Is annual titer testing a better path or a waste?

What’s DOI? How is that important?

16:15 What are the limits of titer testing?  When the titer falls, is your animal really no longer immune? 

22:53 How likely are puppyhood illnesses going to hurt a senior? Is revaccinating your senior more risk than benefit?

All this and more is answered in this episode to help you be a wise guardian for those innocent animals in your care, what ever species they are.

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