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Colostrum vs Transfer Factor: What's Wiser?

December 29, 2020 Will Falconer, DVM Episode 18
Vital Animal Podcast
Colostrum vs Transfer Factor: What's Wiser?
Show Notes

#018: Have you sought to strengthen your animal’s immune system and been told colostrum is an amazing natural way to do that? How it’s specially made to help calves survive in the germ filled world they are born into, and so, it’s good for you and your animals?

I’ve long been impressed with a component of colostrum called transfer factor. It’s well studied for over 60 years with thousands of research papers published on it world wide. I chose to use it in myself and my patients based largely on all that research and the results have often been quite remarkable in both me and the animals who’ve gotten it.

In this episode, I’ve clarified the differences between colostrum and a key immune component, transfer factor. The two are significantly different in who they can help. Knowing the difference will help you do better for your animals (and yourself) and save you money when you make an informed choice between these two seemingly similar products.

Inside, you’ll discover:

— what’s in colostrum that makes it so amazing

— who exactly benefits most from it (and how those who do can die without it)

— how a critical time factor makes all the difference between the two

— how the size of colostrum’s main ingredient limits its usefulness

If you’ve ever wondered if colostrum and transfer factor are interchangeable, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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