Vital Animal Podcast

Dealing With Vet Hazing

January 05, 2021 Will Falconer, DVM Episode 19
Vital Animal Podcast
Dealing With Vet Hazing
Show Notes

 #019 This week’s episode is in response to a plea from a dog owner on Facebook. She was finding the vets around her intent on selling her “drugs” (read: pesticides) and vaccines when she didn’t want either. She called it “literally PUSHING” her to get these unwanted treatments.

While she’s been avoiding them for a few years as her dog has been doing well since a switch to a raw food diet three years ago, she still would like to avail herself of veterinary services from time to time:

  • Worm checks
  • HW tests
  • Titers

How to get that diagnostic work done without being pressured into unwanted poisons and vaccines she knows are not necessary?

Can you relate to Shanna’s difficult position?

Would you like to have better control over what you consume at a vet’s office without being pushed (or worse, shamed) for your “knowing better” than to partake in dangerous drugs?

I’ve got some answers for Shanna, and share an even more egregious pressuring by a vet whose motto seemed to be “My way or YOU’LL PAY.” When I wrote about this on my blog some years back, the conventional veterinary community shrieked fowl. No matter, as my readership could relate and shared similar stories and appreciation.

Perhaps these examples and answers will help empower you to be a wiser consumer and get only the services and products you choose from my profession.

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