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Your cats -- Actually canaries?

February 02, 2021 Will Falconer, DVM Episode 23
Vital Animal Podcast
Your cats -- Actually canaries?
Show Notes

#023 I interviewed Dr. Andrea Tasi to learn more about how cats have been “talking” to all of us over the years.

We explored how this amazing semi-wild species is perhaps the most sensitive one we see regularly, whether you are a veterinarian or not. Dr. Tasi has made a similar metaphor as I:

Cats are humanity’s “canary in the coal mine.”

I’ve written about them in this context over many years. The more they take part in conventional medicine, often in the name of prevention, the sicker they become. And that’s true both with individuals and the feline species itself.

What Andrea added to my earlier concerns was evidence that this trend of cats losing their health to “over prevention” had continued way further than I previously knew. Her revelations were like jet fuel tossed on my slow smoldering leaf fire of concern.

She being a 100% feline vet and a 100% homeopathic one at that, has insights for us all, regardless of species.

My original red flag came as hyperthyroidism became a thing sometime after my first decade of practice.

Where did that come from?? I’d never heard of it in four years of vet school nor in my next many years in private practice! Since then, it’s become quite common in cats. Surely it didn’t fall from the sky. No chronic disease does that, by the way. They are 100% man made.

Join us as we discuss choices you can make to maximize your cat’s health and get insights that will apply to all other species, including humans.

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