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Susan Thixton: Your pet food advocate

February 16, 2021 Will Falconer, DVM Episode 25
Vital Animal Podcast
Susan Thixton: Your pet food advocate
Show Notes

#025 My guest this week is your best friend if you buy commercial pet food of any kind. Susan Thixton came to her calling as crusader for quality pet food many years ago when her vet told her her healthy dog died of bone cancer from a commonly used pet food preservative.

She’s learned so much since then and shares it regularly with interested consumers with pets to feed via her website and newsletter. And believe me when I tell you, the world of Big Pet Food is “buyer beware!”

Her work has included:
— tracking aflatoxin in corn to poisoned pets (110 have died recently from this liver toxic mold)
— using FOIA documents to get at hidden loopholes in the regulation of pet food quality
— attending the AAFCO meetings as a voice for you, the pet food consumer
— publishing rankings of pet food from best to worst

This woman is on a mission! Your pets need her to stay safe in the jungle that is commercial pet food.

You won’t want to miss Susan’s inspiring and cautionary message in this episode.

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