Vital Animal Podcast

Behind the scenes at Vital Pet Health

November 09, 2021 Will Falconer, DVM Episode 38
Vital Animal Podcast
Behind the scenes at Vital Pet Health
Show Notes

Vital Pet Health CEO, Jason Donas joins me to give us some big news in product development.

It seems my friends in Vital Animal’s “sister company” have been busy reformulating to make your animal’s immune support and detox options really amazing.

Jason explains the process of micronization and why it takes an expensive machine to accomplish it. Far more than mere filtering, this process makes your pet’s supplements instantly available and fully absorbed.

Practically speaking, that translates to way more “bang for your buck.”

What’s more, the entire product line now is formulated with 100% natural ingredients, long the goal of Dr. Scott Treadway, chief formulator at VPH.

And, since the upgrade, it means all the products are now readily available to your cats as well as your dogs.

As a friendly introduction to the newly reformatted product lines, Jason has graciously offered a sweet discount to the Vital Animal Podcast listeners. You’ll find the details on this page:

Click that link to get your dog or cat on the best immune support and detox options available.