Life’s Black Belts with Eric Alders

Episode #21 - Richard Kaufman

November 05, 2018 Richard Kauman Episode 21
Life’s Black Belts with Eric Alders
Episode #21 - Richard Kaufman
Show Notes

Today's Life's Black Belt is US Army Veteran, Author and Public Speaker, Richard Kaufman.

Richard is now known at "The Comeback Coach" for all the work he is doing with helping veterans and people in general to overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Richard and I had a very open and honest conversation about how he finally got sober at the age of 20.  He talks about growing up without a father, getting into trouble a lot as a child, getting hooked on drugs and alcohol by 12 years old and the battle to get and stay sober.

He covers his many failures in life including dropping out of school, getting kicked out of the military and almost getting arrested for robbing a bar he worked at.  Instead at that time the arresting officer gave him a choice of going to jail or going into 90 days of rehab.  He chose the later and then went well past the 90 days and spent the next year in rehab, going almost every day.

He got himself together but still battled his demons.  Then September 11th took place and Richard has a very emotional story of how this tragic event changed his life forever.  This was the catalyst that was needed for him to truly take control over his life. 

He rejoined the military and very quickly started receiving awards for being an incredible leader and soldier.  He was in charge of many men and women on base and dedicated over 25 years to military service.  A major injury in the military caused another setback that caused him to be medically discharged.  ;

Richard now is the General Managers of the most successful GNC in NJ.  He spends his remaining time with public speaking, writing his new book and helping thousands to get control over their life and become the best version of themselves possible.  He hosts weekly live videos on his Facebook page, with thousands of followers and also spends a lot of time bringing awareness to all of the daily suicides that are affecting our veterans and society in general.  This truly is a story of perseverance in life and I hope you find his story as inspirational as I did.

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