Life’s Black Belts with Eric Alders

Episode #29 -Damon Nailer

January 12, 2019 Damon Nailer Episode 29
Life’s Black Belts with Eric Alders
Episode #29 -Damon Nailer
Show Notes

"Multifaceted", "passionate", and "skilled" all describe today's Life's Black Belt guest, Mr. Damon “DaRil” Nailer.  DaRil is a New Orleans native who currently resides in Monroe, LA.  Known as a "Renaissance Man" and a "Multi-talented Inspirational Communicator", Mr. Nailer does many things.  Among them are mentor, motivate, educate and address people's mental, spiritual, and emotional needs through various means.  He writes inspirational books and blogs, he speaks, he coaches, and he even produces inspirational music.

As a successful author, consultant, motivational speaker, music producer, business owner, educator, husband, and father DaRil is able to provide direction, inspiration, and education to his clients whether it's on a one to one basis, small, or large group.  He possesses a wealth of knowledge in the following arenas: educational, entrepreneurial, religious, entertainment, relationships, and radio/TV.

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