Life’s Black Belts with Eric Alders

Episode #32 - Maggie Kelly

February 08, 2019 Maggie Kelly Episode 32
Life’s Black Belts with Eric Alders
Episode #32 - Maggie Kelly
Show Notes

Today’s Life’s Black Belt guest is Maggie Kelly.  Maggie is a Holistic Lifestyle and Spiritual Wellness Educator, Life coach and the founder of Satsang House, which is a meditation and spiritual healing center in San Diego, CA.  Maggie is also the host of the “Life Illuminated” Podcast. 

Maggie takes us through her story from her childhood, to moving to Spain for a few years, to being a manager in corporate American and a full time mom. She discusses how she was overwhelmed with stress and felt very lonely, isolated, scared and alone.  Something a lot of people can relate to.

Then she discovered the power of meditation which changed her life for the better.  Now she helps people to find the same peace that she found through her podcast, public speaking, blog and of course through courses and events at her Satsang House in California.

We had a great conversation and discussed ways that you can find peace and no matter where you are in life that you can truly find your happiness and regain control of the chaos which is life.  

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