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#062 How A and R Sounds Combine, and the Hair Poem

June 13, 2021 Patrick Season 3 Episode 62
AccenTraining Podcast
#062 How A and R Sounds Combine, and the Hair Poem
Show Notes

The Long A and the R sounds combine, and are pronounced clearer in the American accent than in other languages. Listen on in to get a feel for just how you can stretch out the A vowel before R's, and get a distinct American sound.

Listen for the Long A and R sounds in the following sentences to practice along:
I can barely see if they’re there. 
Losing hair is a very scary affair.
January isn’t as bad as February.
They very rarely do extraordinary things.

Hair Poem (George Carlin)
Listen to their Hair Poem by George Carlin Here:

I'm aware some stare at my hair. 
In fact, to be fair, 
Some really despair of my hair. 
But I don't care, 
Cause they're not aware, 
Nor are they debonair. 
In fact, they're just square. 

They see hair down to there, 
Say, "Beware" and go off on a tear! 
I say, "No fair!" 
A head that's bare is really nowhere. 
So be like a bear, be fair with your hair! 
Show it you care. 
Wear it to there. 
Or to there. 
Or to there, if you dare! 

My wife bought some hair at a fair, to use as a spare. 
Did I care? 
Au contraire! 
Spare hair is fair! 

In fact, hair can be rare. 
Fred Astaire got no hair, 
Nor does a chair, 
Nor a chocolate eclair, 
And where is the hair on a pear? 
Nowhere, mon frere! 

So now that I've shared this affair of the hair, 
I'm going to repair to my lair and use Nair, do you care?