AccenTraining Podcast

#075 How X Sound is Made

July 30, 2021 Season 4 Episode 75
AccenTraining Podcast
#075 How X Sound is Made
Show Notes

Today I get into detail with 3 different general rules for pronouncing the letter X. X may sound like "eks", "igz", or "Zz", depending on its position in a word. Listen on in to get a good feel for this sound!

Practice along with these phrases here:
Expert opinion
Mix in water
Exit Strategy
Luxury Suite

Examine the mixed results.  
They’re exaggerating my text.
Let Max know Xavier took the next exit. 
A spoon of mustard will relax acid reflux. 
You’re next in line, I expect you’ll do exceptionally well.
In my expertise I have extensive xylophone knowledge. 

Tricky Practice Sentence:
Pronunciation difficulties are taxing, and exacerbate expecting exactness, fixating accent exaggeration indiscriminately. 

Idiomatic Expressions With X
Go the extra mile Make more effort than is required
They always go the extra mile for their kids. 

Think outside the box
Thinking creatively

You’ll have to think outside the box to fix this problem.

At the expense of (SOMEONE) Gaining from others’ losses

I won a vacation at the expense of my coworkers. 

Sit back and relax Let other people do the work

Sit back and relax and enjoy your flight.