Money Shaming: What It Is and How to Overcome It.

September 26, 2023 Mel Wallace Season 4 Episode 51
Money Shaming: What It Is and How to Overcome It.
Show Notes

Money shaming is real - unfortunately, it's even likely something you do to yourself. Whether you struggle to make ends meet, or you have enough money but don't feel like you handle it well, money shame can negatively impact your life.

Mel shares "Real Talk" about what Money Shaming is and how to over come it!

1. What Is Money Shaming?
Who Money Shames
3. Why Money Shaming Occurs
4. Reasons for Money Shaming
5. Consequences of Money Shaming
6. Contributing Factor to Suicide
7. Decreased Self-Esteem
8. Depression
9. Impedes Success at Work
10. Difficulty Managing Personal Finance
11. What Makes Shaming Worse
12. Stigma Around Money Talk
13. Judgment From Self and Others
14. Hiding Money Shame

Overcoming Money Shaming

Here's the good news: you can overcome money shame!

You may need some help getting there, but you can create a plan to fix it once you do.

Understanding Where It Comes From

Knowing where your money shame comes from can help you address the problem from its roots, not just the surface level.

Getting Comfortable Talking About Money

Being able to talk about money is crucial to overcoming money shame. Start by getting comfortable talking to your partner about money. Make sure you're both on the same page and have an agreed set of goals.

Managing Money and Budgeting

Finally, managing your money properly is the best way to overcome money shame. There is no right or wrong way that works for everyone, though. Try to figure out a budget that works for you to better take charge of your money. If you can't figure out a budget, or have trouble sticking to it, consider working with a financial therapist, certified financial planner, or financial advisor to get back on track.