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Never Fly Solo - Waldo "Wingman" Waldman

November 22, 2022 Waldo "Wingman" Waldman Episode 44
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Never Fly Solo - Waldo "Wingman" Waldman
Show Notes

Welcome to Grit Nation,

I’m Joe Cadwell the host of the show and on today’s episode I have the pleasure of speaking with Waldo Waldman, a former Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, who is now a highly sought after motivational speaker and executive coach. He is also the author of The New York Times best seeking book, Never Fly Solo.

Known to the tens of thousands of people who have attended his leadership seminars as the Wingman, Waldo’s unique and powerful presentation style was honed razor sharp during his time as an F-16 fighter pilot.

We’ll open today’s conversation by learning the dynamics of teamwork, and why it is so important to have people that you can count on 

to help get through the tough jobs, whether that’s flying fighter jets in combat, closing big business deals or racing to complete a construction project on time. 

Next we’ll hear how a close call while scuba diving nearly ended Waldo’s career after triggering a phobia of confined spaces that he didn’t even know he had. 

We’ll then learn what steps he took to master his fear so he could continue to follow his passion for flying jets.

Next, we’ll discuss the importance of cultivating strong, long lasting relationships built on mutual trust and respect, so that you always have wingmen by your side when life gets turbulent.

 And we’ll wrap up our conversation as we discuss Waldo’s transition from the military to professional coach and speaker and why he is so passionate about helping others reach their fullest potential.

The Show Notes

Waldo Waldman's Website

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