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Carpenter Stories - Chadwick Davis

December 20, 2020 Episode 1
Grit Nation
Carpenter Stories - Chadwick Davis
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I’m Joe Cadwell, the writer, producer and host of Grit NW and I am pleased to introduce you to a new series within the podcast, called Carpenter Stories.

Carpenter Stories will introduce you to a variety of people within our craft and organization who have experienced transformative changes in their lives for the better after having found a career as a professional craftsperson.

In today’s episode we will meet Chadwick Davis. Chadwick is a journey level carpenter from the  Local 1503 in Portland Oregon. I first met Chadwick when he was a student at PNCI, The Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute where I am employed as an instructor and apprentice coordinator.

I was impressed by Chadwick’s life story, his struggles with substance abuse, homelessness, and incarceration. 

I was even more impressed by how he faced these challenges head on and overcame the harsh reality of a life spiraling out of control to become a husband, father, homeowner, and Journeyman Carpenter in the UBC.

I feel that these types of stories are important to share, because they shine a light onto what belonging to an organized labor union can do. 

Collectively bargained wages, benefits, training, and representation provided the foundation and structure for people to build lives around and careers to be proud of. Those stories deserve to be heard.

So, sit back and listen to Chadwick Davis’s, Carpenter Story.

Show Notes

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