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Stolen: Episode 1 Tax Fraud + Wage Theft

April 13, 2021 Season 2 Episode 34
Grit Nation - The Building Trades Podcast
Stolen: Episode 1 Tax Fraud + Wage Theft
Show Notes

Welcome to Stolen, a special series within the Grit Podcast that will investigate Tax Fraud, Wage Theft, and Misclassification in the Construction industry.

Hi, I’m Joe Cadwell President of the NW Carpenters Union and host of the show, and I am proud to bring you this new series built to expose these greed driven crimes and give you the tools needed to fight back against them.

To do this I will be talking with labor industry professionals who work to bring cheating contractors to justice. Together we will breakdown this complex issue to learn how this bane of the building trades affects the well-being of our unions, our contractors, and our communities.

Along the way we will deconstruct case files and complaints that workers have brought against the cheating contractors who lurk in the underground economy. In true crime fashion, a lot of these stories have twists and turns that you got to hear to believe. 

In the months to come, I look forward to bringing to light the tactics used by unscrupulous operators who manipulate the system to put more money into their pockets while jeopardizing our ability to provide for ourselves and our families.

It’s a known fact that one-in-five construction workers are intentionally misclassified by cheating contractors. 

This corruption results in losses of over $8.4 billion dollars a year in lost tax revenue and denies honest contractors who play by the rules and the workers they employ opportunities to excel and grow financially.

To be clear, this is not about the workers skipping out on paying their fair share, this is about dishonest employers intentionally cheating the American taxpayer and the working middle class to fatten their bank accounts.

My guests today are Jeanette Aranda and Ashley Harrison. Jeanette is the Labor Compliance Manager for NW Carpenters and Ashley is an Investigator with the City of Seattle, Office of Labor Standards.

Also joining the conversation is friend of the show, Matt Swanson, the Political Director of the NW Carpenters’ Union.

In this kickoff episode we will be discussing the nuts and bolts of wage theft, and the power of our unions working in partnership with local government agencies to go after crooked contractors, and how this collaboration benefits our members and the community-at-large.

Show Notes

UBC Tax Fraud Website

StopTaxFraud on Facebook & Twitter and ‘Stop Tax Fraud’ on YouTube

NW Carpenters Website

City of Seattle Office of Labor Compliance

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