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Bridging the Skills Gap - Cal Wiebe

October 18, 2021 Skilled Trades Podcast Season 3 Episode 3
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Bridging the Skills Gap - Cal Wiebe
Show Notes

On today's episode I have a revision of my recent interview with Cal Wiebe and his co-host David from the Skilled Trades Podcast, based out of Manitoba, Canada.

 It was great to be a guest on their show and I hope they continue to shine a positive light on the building trades and the people who do the work.

We open the conversation with me sharing my experiences as a Navy salvage diver, recreational SCUBA instructor and hard hat commercial diver.

Next, we discuss our shared experiences as blue-collar workers in the building trades and discuss what it means to be a professional craftsperson.

Later we’ll voice our opinions on why earning a Journeyman Card or the Canadian equivalent of a Red Seal Certification, is an achievement to be proud of, and how having this education and training, can allow you to build a pathway to financial and professional success in the working middle class.

And we’ll wrap up our conversation by discussing the ever-widening skills gap developing in the trades and the number one thing you can do now to double your own personal wealth in the years to come. 

This interview was a lot of fun to do, and I hope you enjoy it.

The Show Notes

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