The power of Somatic Release with Amie Barsky
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The Embodied Business Show
The power of Somatic Release with Amie Barsky
Jun 07, 2023 Season 4 Episode 68
Casey Warwick

In this episode I talk into all things Somatic Body and Breathwork with a dear friend of mine Amie Barsky.
Amie Barsky is a high energy, celebration - living spirit. She is a certified Trauma informed Master Coach, Breathwork facilitator and creator of The Shift Method.  Amie's own journey to healing her past pain from emotional & physical abuse in childhood, sexual assault, divorce and sudden death of her brother, sparked her desire to support others.

Now, through breathwork , somatic practices and subconscious reprogramming (to name a few tools) she now guides clients through overwhelm, negative thoughts, anxiety, low self esteem & past trauma towards feeling clear, confident & committed to living from a place of joy & worthiness.
Connect with Amie: Amie Barskyūü¶čTrauma Informed Master Coach (@amiebarskycoaching) | Instagram

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