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108 – Hailey Piper and Ambulatory Brain Monsters

September 06, 2022 Neil McRobert Episode 108
Talking Scared
108 – Hailey Piper and Ambulatory Brain Monsters
Show Notes

Finally, she’s here!

After months of waiting for schedules and book releases to align, Hailey Piper is on the show. She’s here to talk about both of her 2022 releases – each is a kidnapping experience. 

The novella Your Mind is a Terrible Thing takes us up into the void and into creepy inner space. Her forthcoming novel No Gods for Drowning transports us somewhere else entirely. 

Hailey lets me blather on about social commentary and metaphor before reminding me gently that sometimes it’s ok to enjoy the story. We talk about concise world-building (how!!), zombie capitalism, police brutality, anxiety and body autonomy, and why Queer characters don’t need an agenda to be worthy of inclusion.

By the time this goes live Hailey has probably written another two books!! But for now, I’m just delighted to have her on the show to discuss these two.


Your Mind is a Terrible Thing was released May 2022 by Off Limits Press; No Gods for Drowning is published September 7th, 2022 by Polis Books.

Other books mentioned in the episode include: 

  • Crime Scene (forthcoming 2022), by Cynthia Pelayo
  • The Possession of Natalie Glagow (2018), by Hailey Piper
  • Benny Rose the Cannibal King (2020), by Hailey Piper 

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