Talking Scared

49 – Ronald Malfi and Can Death Do Us Part?

July 28, 2021 Neil McRobert Episode 49
Talking Scared
49 – Ronald Malfi and Can Death Do Us Part?
Show Notes

Why isn’t there more horror about marriage?

Think about it. You marry someone. Spend your life with them. But do you really know them, or what they are capable of.  

Ronald Malfi’s Come With Me pries open these secrets, sending the protagonist on a tailspinning road trip in pursuit of the truth about the woman he has loved and lost. It’s a big, satisfying, chunky summer novel packed full of murder and monstrosity and motel-stays in the creepier corners of the country. You’ll love it.

Ronald joins me to talk about the book, about writing grief and the very real tragedy that underpins Come With Me. Despite the absurd heat at either end of the conversation, we soldier on heroically, taking in local lore, the link between leaded petrol and serial killers, and why ecology may be the new haunting. And yes, we talk about how marriage should be a bigger theme in horror! Next time your wife, or husband, or significant other gets up in the night – think about that. What are they up to in the bathroom? Could be the usual. Could be something evil. Mwah ha ha!


Come With Me was published by Titan on 20th July. 

Other books mentioned in the show include: 

  • December Park (2014), by Ronald Malfi
  • Snow (2010), by Ronald Malfi
  • The Only Good Indians (2020), by Stephen Graham Jones
  • I’ll Be Gone in the Dark (2018) by Michelle McNamara

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