The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show

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February 28, 2021 Thorsten Sideb0ard Season 2 Episode 5
The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show
Marrrch Editio0n
Show Notes

Starting off on a more ambient angle, show builds up into some amazing new tracks by likes of ZULI, Sebastian Camens and Rian Treanor - check it!

Pontiac Streator- eerie dawns (feat mathilde chambon)// Select Works . vol II
Phil Julian- ost2//  Obstacle
ZULI- Keen Demag// All Caps (UIQ0012)
1000PA- Seifok Darrson Dei// Vacuum Dub
PDP III- Walls of Kyoto// Pilled Up on a Couple of Doves
Sebastian Camens- Stasis//  Asymmetry
Rian Treanor- Obstacle 3// Obstacle Scattering
Lauren Sarah Hayes- Xeon// Embrace
Shedding- Oh Six// CODE030
Guy Birkin- Ace Combat// Ace Combat
Okachiho- groove 12.2/ groove 12
toiret status- #88 (feat. ehh hahah)// liquid house
Madalyn Merkey- Heart// Standards