The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show

Maaaaay 20211111111

May 06, 2021 Thorsten Sideb0ard Season 2 Episode 7
The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show
Maaaaay 20211111111
Show Notes

hii hii!
latest edition of the show,
got some weirdo downtempo, some crazy computer sounds, some old school tracks - you know, the usual fare!

Artist - Track // Release
droopy eye- asnooze//  ep1
nnirror- 1.n dendritic// posymbl
moxus- 2021-01-31// Fasko
glia- چه خبر؟// muqarnas
exael- Anc//  Flowered Knife Shadows
Helena Celle's Mimetic Desire- This My Kind of Composition// Non-Human Logic
A Guy Called Gerald- The Freak Inside//  28 Gun Bad Boy
Shek O- Hot Milk// Bancha
K.Pierco-  AZAR#5
Trash Panda QC-  wavepool multipresence//  Outgoing Decent Area (altered soundtrack)
CNDSD - file pluie// In Unison
Vladislav Delay- Raamat // Multila (2020 Remaster)
Victor Moragues- I've found a few movements  //confused furniture