What the Forensics

Ep. 30 - Ted Kaczynski & Forensic Linguistics

March 10, 2022 Season 2 Episode 7
What the Forensics
Ep. 30 - Ted Kaczynski & Forensic Linguistics
Show Notes

"You can't have your cake and eat it too." Notice anything wrong with this phrase?
Join us this week as we discuss the case of Ted Kaczynski and Forensic Linguistics.  Nicole tells us all about the genius bombmaker Ted Kaczynski and his two decade long reign of terror. Journey then tells us how forensic linguistics played an instrumental role in catching the Unabomber and the intricacies of how he was apprehended. You'll learn all about what your writing style says about you and how it can identify you, as well as important information surrounding America's longest and most expensive manhunt, to date.  
Please note, Journey gets quite excited while discussing linguistics and bumps her mic while talking. We apologize in advance for any audio feedback like that (Nicole fidgets and dings her mic a few times too) and we will try to limit the hand talking/mic hitting for future episodes! 

Listeners discretion advised: bombings. 

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