Cocktails & Capitalism

Chatting with Climate Activist and Former Mayor Heidi Harmon (& the Force of Nature Cocktail)

March 01, 2022 Cocktails & Capitalism Season 2 Episode 18
Cocktails & Capitalism
Chatting with Climate Activist and Former Mayor Heidi Harmon (& the Force of Nature Cocktail)
Show Notes

We’re joined by climate justice activist and former mayor Heidi Harmon. Heidi served as mayor of San Luis Obispo before becoming the Senior Public Affairs Director for the Romero Institute’s Let’s Green CA Initiative. In this role, she works to get fossil fuel money out of California politics and pressures governor Newsom to declare a state of emergency regarding the climate. 

Throughout her life, Heidi has been driven by a desire to be the best mother she could possibly be. She describes her climate justice work as an extension of this commitment to her children. Understanding the threat that climate change poses for future generations, Heidi has thrown herself into environmental activism and local politics. 

Heidi encourages listeners to fight cynicism about national politics by getting involved at the local level. She reminds us that you don’t need a specific skill set to be able to participate in politics or activism. She shares her powerful story of moving “from mom to maid to mayor” in the hopes that others might be empowered to fight cynicism through action. 

Follow Heidi on Instagram (@heidiismighty) and check out the Let’s Green CA website

If you want to support the electrification of California, reach out to your legislators.

The Force of Nature Cocktail

60     ml     Your favorite Sustainable Spirit 

— 22    ml    Lemon Juice 

— 15        ml    Local Honey 

— Small pinch of salt 

— 12     g    Fruit in season like watermelon, berries, or peaches

— Herbs in season like basil, thyme, or lavender

— 25    ml        water

Prepare drink ahead of time to allow time to chill. Add the spirit, fruit, and herbs into a shaker and muddle to incorporate. Add the rest of the ingredients and refrigerate for at least two hours. Double strain into a Collins glass and garnish with fruit and herbs.

Glassware:      Your favorite martini-style or coupe glass

Garnish:         Fruit and herbs

ABV:             20%

Use fruits and herbs that are in season and buy locally when you can, or grow your own. Some combinations that are outstanding are things like strawberries and peaches with basil, watermelon and thyme, blueberry and lavender, and cranberry and rosemary.

Sustainable Spirit Brands to Support:

Gray Whale Gin, Sonoma, California

Greenbar Distillery, Monrovia, California

Koval Distillery, Chicago, Illinois

Tamworth Distilling, Tamworth, New Hampshire

Huge shoutout to Jesse Torres, who  crafted a brilliant sustainable cocktail in honor of Heidi! 

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