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Chevron’s Corporate Prosecution of Steven Donziger with Paul Paz y Miño (& the Class Action Cocktail)

May 10, 2022 Cocktails & Capitalism Season 2 Episode 27
Cocktails & Capitalism
Chevron’s Corporate Prosecution of Steven Donziger with Paul Paz y Miño (& the Class Action Cocktail)
Show Notes

This week, we dive into Chevron’s corporate prosecution of lawyer Steven Donziger with Paul Paz y Miño – the associate director of Amazon Watch

Defending farmers and Indigenous folks who have been poisoned by ChevronTexaco’s pollution, Donziger helped to win a $9.5 billion judgment against the company for the devastation it caused in Ecuador. Instead of paying up, Chevron retaliated by demonizing Donziger. They conducted the very first corporate criminal prosecution in America, involving judges, law firms, and a private prosecutor, all of whom have direct ties to Chevron. They even stripped Donziger of his law license and kept him arbitrarily detained for nearly 1000 days — something that the UN and Amnesty International have condemned.

Chevron’s treatment of Donziger shows us how  corporations can use their wealth to harass and punish those who dare speak out against their crimes. The oil giant’s legal retaliation and intimidation tactics provide a blueprint to other companies seeking to skirt accountability and punish their opponents. At the same time, this story shows us “the anatomy of the corporate response” as Paul observes. It helps us understand and prepare ourselves for the tactics that fossil fuel companies and other mega corporations will use against Earth and human rights defenders in the decades ahead. 

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Donate to the Donziger defense fund here!

May 21st is ANTI-CHEVRON DAY – an international day of action! More here: The True  Cost of Chevron

For more information and ways to help, check out Amazon Watch

More on the history here: ChevronToxico

Class Action Cocktail

45     ml     Aguardiente or light rum 

105    ml    Horchata Lojana tea, brewed and filtered

15    ml    Panela or other raw sugar 

15    ml    Lemon juice

Build this drink in a clear heat proof mug if drinking hot, or your favorite clear glass if drinking cold. Ice isn’t necessary if your batch everything ahead of time and refrigerate. Add all ingredients to your glass and stir to incorporate. Garnish with an edible flower and enjoy!

Adjust the proportions if you’d like your drink less or more sweet or boozy. 

Glassware:      Clear heat proof mug 

Garnish:         Edible flower

ABV:             12%

Thank you to Jesse Torres for another amazing drink!

CC Photo credits:

Paul Paz y Miño protesting, Chevron is Guilty by Rainforest Action Network

Chevron CEI John Watson image by jonathan mcintosh 

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