Cocktails & Capitalism

The Story of Palestine, Part 3 (& The Zionist Tears Cocktail)

January 25, 2022 Cocktails & Capitalism Season 2 Episode 13
Cocktails & Capitalism
The Story of Palestine, Part 3 (& The Zionist Tears Cocktail)
Show Notes

In this episode, Leeh tells the story of Palestine from the 50's to the present, completing our trilogy about the struggles of the indigenous Palestinians who have lived and died under brutal Israeli occupation. In addition to providing a clear overview of recent history, this episode highlights the role that capitalism has played in this ongoing humanitarian crisis. 

Beginning by discussing apartheid, we explain Israel's systematic creation of a Palestinian underclass through deliberate displacement, ethnic cleansing, segregation, and economic colonialism. Leeh describes some of the worst massacres inflicted upon the Palestinian people during the past 70 years. She outlines the many failed efforts to establish peace, including the Oslo Accords. She even describes Palestinian uprisings against Israeli oppression during the first and second intifadas

Together, Leeh and Erika explain America’s motivations for providing over $3.8 billion in military aid to Israel every single year, highlighting the Six Day War.

You’ll also learn about:

  • The Quibya Massacre (1953)
  • The Kafr Qasim Massacre (1956)
  • Israel’s shift towards neoliberal capitalism
  • The First & Second Intifada
  • The Cave of Patriarchs Massacre (1994)
  • Camp David Summit
  • This 2021 Gaza Massacre
  • Israel’s bombing of the Associated Press and Al Jazeera building
  • Israel’s designation of 6 human rights organizations as terrorist groups
  • De-development

You can follow Leeh on TikTok and Instagram. She shares highly informative videos and important content pertaining to the Palestinian struggle against violent zionist oppression. 


      60  ml Gin Mare 

      20     ml La Quintinye Vermouth Blanc

      One small slice of preserved lemon, halved

      or, a small pinch of salt 

      A few drops of Zatoun Palestinian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Add preserved lemon and gin into a mixing glass and gently press the lemon with a muddler to infuse the gin with the lemon. Add the vermouth and fill the glass with cubed ice. Stir until drink is very cold—about 20 seconds. Fine strain into a well-chilled Martini glass and very carefully add a few drops of olive on the top to float. Express a lemon peel over the drink, cut, and garnish. Add a flower and enjoy. 

Glassware:  Martini Glass

Garnish:  Lemon Peel and Flower

ABV: 30%

Shoutout to Jesse Torres for preparing this delicious cocktail based on Leeh and Erika's suggestions. 

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