Psychedelic Psoul

Episode 68. The Kinks

February 06, 2022 Jessie Delgado
Psychedelic Psoul
Episode 68. The Kinks
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This episode reflects back on The Kinks legacy of brilliant British Pop music featuring the talented songwriting genius of Ray Davies. His legacy of songs has touched rock audiences for almost 60 years now. He is a true music Legend in the same sense that John Lennon, Paul McCartney Pete Townshend and Mick Jagger are. This episode skims the surface of his musical inventiveness.


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Show I.D. & Introduction
You Really Got Me
Till the End Of The Day (Live at The Playhouse Theatre, 1965)
Tired Of Waiting For You (Live at Maida Vale Studios, 1965)
I'm On An Island (Live at Kelvin Hall, 1967
Come On Now (Live at Kelvin Hall, 1967
You Shouldn't Be Sad
Don't Ever Change
Most Exclusive Residence For Sale
Too Much On My Mind
Session Man
1st Half Summary
David Watts
See My Friends (Live at Aeolian Hall, 1965)
Two Sisters
Little Miss Queen of Darkness
Waterloo Sunset
The Village Green Preservation Society
Do You Remember Walter
Moving Pictures
2nd Half Summary & Closing Remarks
Come Dancing