Psychedelic Psoul

Episode 87. The Stone Roses & The Charlatans UK

September 15, 2022 Jessie Delgado Season 4 Episode 87
Psychedelic Psoul
Episode 87. The Stone Roses & The Charlatans UK
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Towards the end of the 1980's, young people had become increasingly frustrated in England because of the effect of Thatcherism. For young lads up in Manchester, the music scene didn't reflect their own tastes and they were far removed from fashion and trends down in London. They began to form bands with a basic guitar-bass-drums setup and began playing a more garage rock style music and openly displayed their favorite 1960's influences like The Beatles, The Byrds and The early Rolling Stones records. The new bands became influenced by current bands of the time like Jesus & The Mary Chain, Gene Loves Jezebel, The Smiths and others. At the same time, Raves and "Acid House" music were started to be a regular occurrence throughout Britain and a new age of Psychedelia began. 

The Stone Roses were the first Mersey band to gain public notice and they were soon followed by The Charlatans. These bands helped to initiate a new movement and influenced the coming of bands like Oasis. 

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Show I.D. & Introduction
I Wanna Be Adored - The Stone Roses
She Bangs the Drums - The Stone Roses
Waterfall - The Stone Roses
Bye Bye Bad Man - The Stone Roses
Where Angels Play - The Stone Roses
What The World Is Waiting For - The Stone Roses
Here It Comes - The Stone Roses
Beautiful Thing - The Stone Roses
Fools Gold - The Stone Roses
1st Half Summary
White Shirt - The Charlatans UK
The Only One I Know - The Charlatans UK
Over Rising - The Charlatans UK
Sproston Green - The Charlatans UK
Ignition - The Charlatans UK
Page One - The Charlatans UK
Chewing Gum Weekend - The Charlatans UK
Occupation H. Monster - The Charlatans UK
2nd Half Summary & Closing Remarks
Up to Our Hips - The Charlatans UK