Untethered with Jen Liss

Awaken your radiant voice – with Jeremy de Tolly, Vocal Transformation Coach, and certified Trauma Releasing specialist

September 20, 2022 Jeremy de Tolly Season 3 Episode 33
Untethered with Jen Liss
Awaken your radiant voice – with Jeremy de Tolly, Vocal Transformation Coach, and certified Trauma Releasing specialist
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Show Notes

Have you ever second-guessed yourself after closing a conversation? Leaving a meeting? Maybe you found yourself picking apart everything you said, worried you'd looked silly.

Jeremy de Tolly is here on the podcast today to help you understand why this happens, and how overcoming it can help you express yourself in the most radiant, confident, sparkly unicorn way.

As a former rock singer in a popular South African band, Jeremy has taken everything he learned as an expressive stage performer to help other people express their voices to the world.

Whether you struggle to speak up for yourself or if you've ever dreamed of a TEDX talk, this is the podcast episode for you.

You'll learn:

  • The things that send us along a negative spiral that shuts our voice down, and how we can begin to release them.
  • How to recognize your vocal trauma and how identifying this can help you start bringing your voice out into the world.
  • Why we experience a "shame hangover" after leaving a conversation or meeting. 
  • How to be be comfortable fun and quirky no matter where we are.
  • How to listen to a podcast while scuba diving (okay, not really, but if you figure that out, Jeremy and I would love to hear about it!)

After this episode:

  • Begin to journal on your patterns of expression.
  • In your past, what happened at home and at school that made you feel safer without speaking?
  • What happens at work and in relationships as an adult that makes you feel nervous or uncomfortable with sharing your voice?

Here's the beautiful quote Jeremy shared in this episode: "What appears to be in the way is the way." - Thomas Hübl

Meet Jeremy de Tolly
Follow him on Instagram @jeremydetolly
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Jeremy de Tolly is a singer, Vocal Transformation Coach, and certified Trauma Releasing specialist. Through his Awaken Your Radiant Voice course, his work focuses on turning each person’s voice from their biggest obstacle into their biggest asset.

Creator of the Radiant Voices Process®, Jeremy has taught this tested framework to
hundreds of clients, both in-person and online. In the process, they learn to overcome a
lifetime of vocal trauma, including social anxiety, fear of speaking to groups, and general
fears of singing, such as the belief that they can’t sing in tune.

Jeremy has been featured in print for magazines like GQ, Men’s Health, and Rolling Stone. His band The Dirty Skirts performed as the supporting act at festivals alongside major
names like Snow Patrol and Evanescence. Jeremy won the South African Music Award for
Best Alternative Album (2012), and his music won the Grand Prix at The Loeries, South
Africa’s premiere advertising award. To find out more, please visit www.jeremydetolly.com

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