UnMUTE your mic

UnMUTE Your Mic | Season 4 Ep 10 | Beautifully Broken | Dionne "DH" Halsey

May 02, 2022 Jessica Belle
UnMUTE your mic
UnMUTE Your Mic | Season 4 Ep 10 | Beautifully Broken | Dionne "DH" Halsey
Show Notes

Many of us have overcome things that other people would struggle having to imagine that they could endure. Thankfully we have people who are bold enough to share their stories so that we don't have to. 

ABOUT THE GUEST: Dionne Halsey, a native of Baltimore, MD began her career as a songwriter in 2001. With hard work and dedication, Dionne's desire to learn more about the music business led her to become an intern for Un World Records. At UWR, D.H. DaHitwryter was born. Dionne became an Executive, developing and overseeing marketing and promotional duties. She also began careers in broadcast journalism. As Un World Records transitioned to Un World Entertainment, Dionne decided to further her brand as a songwriter and teamed up with Priceless Music. D.H. teamed up with Kristin Price and Eric Arceneaux to write "Your Lover" which became a top 100 song on YouTube in 2010. D.H. also developed into a back up vocalist and furthered her career as a solo performing artist with Priceless Music releasing Verses The Mixtape in 2015. Though D.H. was experiencing a tremendous amount of success, her personal life began to affect her career. Dionne suffered from depression. She had been diagnosed after a suicide attempt at the age of 18. As her mental health declined, so did her creativity. After many years of battling depression and an inconsistent career, D.H. embarked upon a life changing journey. On this spiritual journey she learned the importance of self love and self care. Dionne committed to her passions full time, speaking about mental health, creating events and helping businesses grow. Dionne is currently the owner of 1513 Promotions which offers branding, marketing, social media management, content creation and more! 

This is a space for people who have a story, for people who are tired of being silenced, and for people who are ready to inspire others with the things they have overcome.


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