the inwils interval

1.17 - It's a Mystery!

February 10, 2022 inwils Season 1 Episode 17
the inwils interval
1.17 - It's a Mystery!
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Hello everyone and welcome to the inwils interval

A short, monthly podcast that is perfect for you to listen to while taking a quick break with or without a beverage and biscuits.

In this months interval, I want to talk about mysteries!

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Hello everyone and welcome to the inwils interval

A short, monthly podcast that is perfect for you to listen to while taking a quick break with or without a beverage and biscuits.

In this months interval, I want to talk about  Mysteries!

Do you remember Toyah Wilcox? She has done a lot of things since the 80s, but back then she was a pop star - do people still say pop star? Around 1981, she had a hit song with It’s a Mystery! I still remember that song to this day. Plus - and this is going to sound strange, one of my sister’s friends leant me some clothes to try and look cool at a party once - I remember that part of it was a Toyah Willcox T-shirt and a black jacket with a fold-down edge with badges all relating to Toyah.

But, wait, this month’s episode is not about Toyah Willcox but about mysteries. I only mention hearing because every time I hear the word Mysteries that song pops into my mind!

I’ve always been one for a good detective programme. My favourites have to be those written about Agatha Christie - Miss Marple is definitely at the top of the list, slightly above Hercule Poirot. I like the fact that these programmes are more than a who’s done it, but more a complex mystery that you have to solve. I remember sitting at university watching episodes of Miss Marple trying to guess who the murderer was and why. I guess that’s what I like about a good mystery - trying to find the solution to it. That links nicely to my mathematical brain that adores solving problems both mathematical and real-life ones!

There exists some mysteries to this day that still tantalise me and, to be honest, I’m not sure I want to discover the answer. I remember getting very excited about the Blair Witch Project when the hype hit the internet just to be very unexcited when I discovered it was just a film! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the famous author of Sherlock Holmes, once had his made character quote the line - When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. I really like this quote. It suggests when we suggest answers to mysteries that even if they appear very mystical, they could actually be true!

So what are my favourite mysteries - and are these some of yours as well.

The Mary Celeste

This is the story of a ship found adrift in 1872. None of the ships 10 crew was on board. The was taking on water and yet one of their two water pumps had been disassembled. The ships charts and maps had been tossed about yet the crew's belongings were all still in their quarters. The ship’s only lifeboat was missing and yet there was food and water on the ship for 6 months. Other accounts say that the food and coffee were still warm on the ship when it was found, although over the years the mystery has been embellished to make it more spooky! What happened to its crew - well there are plenty of solutions roaming the internet, but I prefer to think of it as unsolved.

The Bermuda Triangle

Also, known as the Devil’s triangle, this is an area of sea off the coast of Florida and ships and aircraft have disappeared - without a trace. This mystery first came to light in 1950 when an article was published in the Miami Herald. Some of the more notable disappearances have been the USS Cyclops that went missing without a trace in 1948 with a crew of 309 - no wreckage was ever found.

And Flight 19 - a training flight of 5 TBM Avenger torpedo bombers that disappeared in December 1945. The flight never return to base. But to add to the mystery, a 13 crew search and rescue aircraft that was deployed to look for them also disappeared.

As always many theories exist for all the disappearances including violent storms, compass variations and even human error - but missing without a trace - no wreckage found - that’s the spooky part.

And finally, one a little closer to home, the Loch Ness Monster.

Nessie, as it is known to its friends, is said to lurk in the murky depths of Loch Ness in Scotland. It is said that it is a creature from Scottish Folklore that has been sighted many times. Usually taking on the appearance of a dinosaur-like beast with a long neck, it gained worldwide attention in 1933. the famous photo taken in 1934 called the surgeon’s photograph has now been proved as a hoax, but there are still many more sightings, images and videos that have been shared to support the mystery. The Loch is deep and something could be have been trapped there, still living in a system of caves deep underwater. One thing I’m definitely sure of, I would never swim in the loch...

Will these mysteries ever be solved and if they do get solved, can we trust the solutions? This is what I adore about the strange unexplained happening - we can never completely be sure that they are not still - mysteries

I hope you have enjoyed this inwils interval. Don’t forget to subscribe and come back next month Until next time, have fun, stay positive and keep safe out there, you never know when the next strange disappearance mystery might hap .... (static)