the inwils interval

1.21 - The End of the Podcast

June 10, 2022 inwils Season 1 Episode 21
the inwils interval
1.21 - The End of the Podcast
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Hello everyone and welcome to the inwils interval

A short, monthly podcast that is perfect for you to listen to while taking a quick break with or without a beverage and biscuits.

In this month's interval, I want to talk about the end of the podcast.

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Hello everyone and welcome to the inwils interval

A short, monthly podcast that is perfect for you to listen to while taking a quick break with or without a beverage and biscuits.

In this month's interval, I want to talk about  the end of this podcast

Hello and welcome back to the inwils interval.

So this is going to be a bit of a strange podcast episode because there are some changes in a foot. 

I've been producing content across a range of platforms for some years now. Over this time I have experienced some growth but I remain a small content creator. Although many people might consider this to be a bad thing, I actually see it as something very positive. I work part-time, 3 days a week, at what I would call a day job and then create content, including streaming on Twitch for the other four days. This means that I create content for more days a week than my actual day job.

I really enjoy creating content from live streaming, through reels and videos, graphics and podcasts like this. I feel that this is where my talents lie and when I wake up with a day of content creation stretched out before, I feel very secure, happy and motivated. However, as with any content, there has to be a value associated with the content. As one influencer on YouTube (itsmodernmillie) said there always needs to be a reason for people to follow, watch or listen to a content creator. In short, it needs to have value.

This podcast has not been going well. I have enjoyed creating it and sharing the content, but generally, over the two years I have been creating it, it will get anything between 6 to 15 downloads per month. This is with me promoting it as much as I can. It was while I was trying to promote it on my live stream on last Saturday evening that I realised I had fallen into one of biggest pitfalls of content creation. It had no value.

Before people start shouting at the podcast player that it is not about views or downloads the only thing that matters is that you enjoy what you do, I wanted to make two things clear. First I do enjoy it, immensely and second, I want to take it to the next level. I want to be successful in my own small way and I want to provide value for the people who watch or listen.

Up to this point, I have been relying on my own personality to provide value. In my own egocentric way, I have been saying to myself that I enjoy this episode, I enjoy finding out and sharing new pieces of information. Therefore it follows that you, the listener, will also enjoy it. I realise now that I have been slightly delusional about that. Many people will support my ventures, and for that, I am extremely grateful, but I really need to be providing something back for them - this value-added that I like to refer to.

While pondering this last night when I lay in bed, I was fully prepared to delete this podcast and not produce any more episodes. It costs me about 12 pounds a month to host the podcast and, although I had tried to cover the cost by donations via my Ko-Fi page with a monthly donation, I have not been successful. With a cut in salary because of my part-time work, every penny is important to me now and so it seemed that stopping it and saving 12 pounds a month would be the best way forward. But, two of my favourite qualities that I like about myself are my ability to problem solve and my determination - although some people might refer to the last one as stubbornness. These two qualities made me think that I am not going to stop doing this podcast at this moment in time, but I am going to change the focus of each episode and hopefully provide some value to your this listener.

At this point in time, the future is rather fuzzy and murky. I'm not completely sure what value I will be providing or the exact focus of future episodes, but I my initial thoughts link to productivity and being a small content creator. I have been on a journey for some time now and I have a range of ideas and strategies that I would like to share with you. Of course, I might be completely off target with that idea and you might come back next month to find me talking about outside camping - well probably not, but you hopefully understand what I mean.

So the future is uncertain at the moment. This podcast might continue or it might fold. It might stay how it is or be rebranded into something else. I really do not know. I am going to give myself 6 months to make the changes and to see what might happen so please do not unsubscribe at the moment.

Let's see what the future holds - I am uncertain, feel a bit nervous but determined - you never know this might be the point I talk about as the turning point that made me an established person within the world of small content creators.

I hope you have enjoyed this inwils interval. Don’t forget to subscribe and spread the news so that more people can come back next month and listen in. And, if you want to provide some positive feedback then do take advantage of the recording feature on the webpage. I'll play any recorded feedback at the end of the following episode.

Until next time, have fun, stay positive and always be aware of what your brain is thinking ...