the inwils interval

🎧 Episode 1 - Surviving as a Small Streamer 🎤

July 10, 2022 inwils Season 1 Episode 1
the inwils interval
🎧 Episode 1 - Surviving as a Small Streamer 🎤
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Hello and welcome to the inwils interval, a monthly podcast that focuses on strategies and survival tactics for fellow small streamers. 

In this month's episode, I talk about how I survive as a small streamer.

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Hello and welcome to the inwils interval, a monthly podcast that focuses on strategies and survival tactics for fellow small streamers. 

In this month's episode, I talk about how I survive as a small streamer.

You will probably hear quite a few negative opinions about streaming across all platforms. You will hear about platforms being saturated, too many streamers and even possibly, better streamers than yourself.

As you start to stream, these negatives can fester inside your mind meaning that you put off starting again and again. 

First, this is completely natural and second, you need to get over them.

One thing that I would say to you whether you are 16 or 56 or older is that there is never going to be the perfect time to start streaming or even to produce content. We all feel that imposter syndrome or the 'no point' or 'not good enough negative thoughts in our heads. This is normal and something that you need to get over. I look at it like this. If you stumble over this first hurdle then streaming is probably not for you. You are always going to be showered with negative thoughts or feelings and as a small streamer, we need to plough through these in order to stay consistent and streaming.

Some people might relate these negative thoughts to why you want to stream. They might say, don't do it for the money, the fame or even the recognition. Do it because you enjoy it. I would completely agree with the latter. You need to enjoy the actual process of putting yourself out there and sharing your personality and expertise. Where I might differ from the 'do it because you enjoy it and no other reason' crowd, is that I think it is important to challenge yourself and try to do the best you can possibly achieve. If you are not interested in improving, then you probably would not be listening to this podcast! I really enjoy streaming - I like interacting with the community, learning about the technology side of things, creating emotes and overlays and even playing the games. But I want to get better and improve.

Now, the reason people fall in this improving stage is they decide on the wrong metric to measure their improvement. One of the easiest metrics to focus on is views. This is one of the metrics that Twitch measures how successful a streamer is. If you get a lot of views, you get a partnership. Why - well it's because the more people watching the more money Twitch will make. Simple business model. I'm not saying it is wrong, I'm just saying as small streamers it is a huge mistake to focus on this as a metric for success.

If you turn up every day looking at your view counter then you will soon get despondent and give up.

So - you are asking yourself - what should I focus on? and maybe inwils - what do you focus on?

Well for me it's community. One aspect of my streaming that I am really proud of and grateful for is the community that has grown. I really like it when the same people turn up in the chat and I feel that I have a relationship with them all. I remember what is going on in their lives, things I can ask about, things we can talk about. I also like how the community supports each other and knows each other as well.

The good thing about a community is that there is no magic number that you need to work towards. If you have one person chatting in the channel then you have a community of 2 and if you have 5 people chatting you have a community of 6. You will always have a community as long as you have been visiting and chatting.

You might be saying, hang on inwils, I don't have anyone chatting - well I'll be focusing on that in the next podcast episode - so do make sure you subscribe and come back next month.

The other aspect of my streaming that I like to focus on is my presentation and production of the stream. One of the compliments that I like, when I raid other channels, is some comments on the production value of my streams. I really enjoy producing content and that includes live streaming. There is something quite special about interacting with people through a chat. I don't see them, or hear them, but they are there and I need to ensure that the content engages them, makes them smile, helps them get through those mundane jobs when they are lurking and even make them want to come back.

I view my streaming as a show - like in the theatre. I want to encourage them to engage with me and the stream for at least 5 seconds. If I can do this then they could possibly come back and contribute to the community. Again, I have a range of strategies to achieve this but I need to dedicate a complete episode to that, so more to come. 

I can safely say that streaming is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I have grown so much as a streamer but I am still a small streamer despite being on Twitch for years - well I was a member before it was even called Twitch!

But streaming is something that I enjoy so much. Whether I am playing RPG or MMO or even just trying to get my graveyard looking nice. Interestingly I don't actually play games apart from streaming. Which I think might be quite unique.

The biggest thing that will stop you from streaming is your own views and doubts. Getting over these is the first thing you need to do in order to become a successful small streamer so banish those thoughts to the bin, start-up OBS and get streaming!

I'll be back next month to talk about how I promote engagement with the chat so that you can start to grow your community.

If you have any questions, please do either email them to me or use the voice recording option in the show notes,

Until next month, stay positive and productive and enjoy your streaming!