the inwils interval

1.14 - How far would I go?

December 10, 2021 inwils Season 1 Episode 15
the inwils interval
1.14 - How far would I go?
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Hello everyone and welcome to the inwils interval

A short, monthly podcast that is perfect for you to listen to while taking a quick break with or without a beverage and biscuits.

In this months interval, I want to talk about how far would I go?

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Hello everyone and welcome to the inwils interval

A short, monthly podcast that is perfect for you to listen to while taking a quick break with or without a beverage and biscuits.

In this months interval, I want to talk about how far would I go?

One of my passions in life has to be technology. Ever since the ZX81 I have been intrigued about computers and what they can do to support us. But the big question has always been how far would I go with technology - what would my limits

Twice a week I could possibly receive a text from a most unusual person - Basil. Well, I say person but really he is not a person at all. It is a piece of technology that I have quite willingly personified. He will actually text me if he has got caught on something and is stuck or he can't find his way home. At this point, you might be asking who or more accurately what is Basil. Well, Basil is my floor robot! Twice a week, when his scheduled time is reached, he leaves his charging station and sweeps my floors. When he is finished, as long as he hasn't got stuck anywhere, he returns back to his home base and recharges. Often I come home and notice how clean the floors are in my humble flat and realise that Basil, who is quietly recharging, has been busy during the day!

If anyone has said to me five years ago that I would have a robot cleaning my floors I would have probably laughed at them, but secretly wished it was true. That is the think about technology. It is always advancing and often at a considerable rate.

Before the pandemic, I was an avid coffee drinker at my local shopping centre. Although my choice of coffee establishment changed over the years, I was always a frequent member of the coffee brigade arriving at the same time several days during the week. Once the barista actually said I was early since I only usually arrived at 9 am and it was 8:50.

I would go to the coffee shop to chill. In order to relax I would have something with me to read. Initially, this was a magazine but while I was reading, I would think about tweeting or accessing things on the internet. This was before wifi or mobile data. I did have a flip phone but is limited in both its connections and its capabilities.

By the way - if you would like to read about my daily coffee shop trips then you can find out all about them by following the link in the show notes

As technology increased, what I took with me to the coffee shop changed. I would ditch my magazine for my laptop and my phone jumped forward in giant leaps, suddenly being able to tweet, post messages and even engage in virtual chats. But what would be next on the technology front?

At this point, I would like to pause and ask a question. Ponder it as you continue to listen and I'll come back to the question later in the episode. We all love our mobile phones, but would you have one implanted into your body?

As technology continues to advance rapidly, it does make me wonder how far would I go. I already have a floor robot and although she doesn't match up to the capabilities of a Jarvis from the Iron Man franchise, Alexa does make a valuable home help. Mine turns on and off lights and plays music etc. She has set phrases like Switch lights that will turn off the light in one room and on in the next and perhaps my favourite, Alex I'm home, that turns on certain lights and plays suitable music. But would I have a robot in my house as a companion or domestic help - most definitely! If it can reduce the number of mundane tasks I need to do then most definitely!

Apple glasses are being developed. While wearing them you will see things in augmented reality. Those icons that represent your calendar your inbox or your favourite social media application will be floating in front of you with you being able to interact with them with a mere tap. Technology will make it easier to interact with a range of applications. This brings me to implanting the mobile phone. Would you do it?

Well, initially the answer would be no for me, mainly due to the fact that my own body is rather sensitive and liable to break or reject it massively. I do think, however, that I'm too old to consider it. The people who will accept it will be the younger generation. To them, it will be a natural transition from one piece of tech to that of another. Just like we have experienced the transformation from Filofax to iPad - and if you are not sure what a Filofax is, then go and look it up! I loved mine! I was definitely an aspiring yuppie!

I do continue to love technology and I am always keen to see what are the improvements and make my way to a fully automated home. But for me there are limits and I think that shows my age. Cyberware, virtual reality data jacks and even smart implants will be available but for me, the limit will be reached and I will make way for the younger generation and recognise that I would not go that far - not even for technology.

I hope you have enjoyed this inwils interval. Don’t forget to subscribe and come back next month

Until next time, have fun, stay positive and enjoy your technology whether it is implanted or not!