the inwils interval

1.15 - New Beginnings

January 10, 2022 inwils Season 1 Episode 16
the inwils interval
1.15 - New Beginnings
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Hello everyone and welcome to the inwils interval

A short, monthly podcast that is perfect for you to listen to while taking a quick break with or without a beverage and biscuits.

In this months interval, I want to talk about new beginnings

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Hello everyone and welcome to the inwils interval

A short, monthly podcast that is perfect for you to listen to while taking a quick break with or without a beverage and biscuits.

In this months interval, I want to talk about  new beginnings

With this podcast going live on the 10th of the month, I am assuming that you have recovered from any new year eve’s celebrations you might have enjoyed and are currently fed up of people wishing you a happy new year!

Well, I’ll just add one more - happy new year!

December is such a packed month for me. It is my favourite month ever due to its content. As well as Christmas itself, there is the build-up to the great day, fairy lights and decorations, nativity plays, carol services and advent calendars. After Christmas we have boxing day, then my birthday and then New Years eve and before we know it, December is at an end and we have started a new year.

I like to start my mornings huddled over my cereal bowl saying to my Alexa, good morning. This prompts a routine to burst into action that gives me an interesting fact before my morning news briefing and the weather for the day. It was while listening to the interesting fact that I learnt that the new year did not always start in January. In the past, a new year actually started in March - around about the 21st-25th. This is, I think, the first day of spring that would keep in the feel of the new year. The fact did say that England kept this date for their new year for some time, before conforming to the January date like the rest of the world in 1752!

January itself is an interesting month. Named after the Roman god Janus, it marks the start of the year but also a time to look back over the previous year and well celebrate and/or commiserate with each other or yourself. Janus, the Roman god, would guard the gates of heaven. He was the god of new beginnings and transitions. Something that made him perfect for the month of January and the first month of the year!

Every two to three weeks I have a poll on my live stream on Twitch and in the discord. You can also find it on my website, This month I have chosen the topic of new years resolutions. With January being the start of something new, it would seem appropriate to start working on something new as well. Many people will be promising themselves to eat healthily, exercise more with or without a gym membership or be prepared to give something up like smoking or caffeine. Although many will set out with very good intentions, many will not make it to the end of the month or even to the publish date of this podcast before they have succumbed to previous vices and will claim that next year will be the year to achieve something new.

It can take about 21 days to form a new habit or even longer according to health psychologists. But to become a habit and to be fully embedded in our lives, it needs to become part of what we do. I’m not going to go into the possible reasons for deviating from our new beginning resolutions but I do want to provide some advice for setting new targets - away from the usual healthy eating and getting fit.

Targets should always be personal and should not rely on anyone else to be achieved. Setting myself a target to have 20 listens on this podcast every month would be a foolish target. Not because it is not worth 20 listens, but more that I have no control over it. In order to reach the 20 listens target, I need other people. A better target for me to consider would be one that I have complete control over - for example - to maintain my consistency and produce an episode every month. The reason I would achieve this target or not would be solely up to me. If you create targets like this then you are more likely to achieve because they are personal and you are in control.

I’m not going to bore you with my own targets for 2022, but I do want to come back to the idea of new beginnings. Although resolutions are usually reserved for the start of a new year, we don’t need to wait until then to have a new beginning. In fact, each and every time we wake up it is a new beginning. We should be constantly challenging ourselves and working to improve. Yes, we will fail and need to try again, but that in itself is a challenge and a resolution to celebrate. For some of us, just getting through the day or even out of the bed might be a challenge in itself and a new beginning when we achieve it, but that is what living is all about. Life is never easy but through living, we improve and progress.

So, instead of waiting for the new year why not set yourself a resolution every day. They don’t have to be huge, I like one of mine that was just to smile every day. We don’t need to wait for the new year or even January. Every day is a new beginning and something to treasure and to engage with positively.

I hope you have enjoyed this inwils interval. Don’t forget to subscribe and come back next month

Until next time, have fun, stay positive and why not make a new beginning.