Coming Out Loved and Supported

TikTok Pastor with Rev Bethany Peerbolte

April 08, 2021 Season 1 Episode 28
Coming Out Loved and Supported
TikTok Pastor with Rev Bethany Peerbolte
Show Notes

Rev. Bethany is the Pastor for Youth and Mission at First Presbyterian of Birmingham Michigan. Her time studying at Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Detroit gave her a love of diversity in faith. She has a passion to present scripture and church tradition in ways that keeps them relevant for new generations. This love lead her to TikTok to see if scripture could be interpreted for that form of communication. Bethany writes for The Immediate Word and will someday keep her blog The Millenial Epistle updated (lol)

In September of 2020 Rev. Bethany received a phone call from a parent who had a distraught child who feared they were going to hell. They got this idea from a creator on TIkTok. Mama bear pastor kicked in and Bethany started making videos that tell the love God has for everyone, finding a happy place among the LGBTQ community who have been rejected by their churches. She now finds it an honor to help people reconnect to their spirituality and God.


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