33. The One About Friends w/ Becci

April 16, 2021 Ellis & Gwilym Episode 33
33. The One About Friends w/ Becci
Show Notes

"Oh...My...God" this week Ellis & Gwilym talkabout FRIENDS.

The hit TV show has entertained many generations for the past three decades, so we invited Friends lover Becci Houlston onto the pod to chat all things chick, duck and extra large coffee cups. The three of us chat through the best characters, episodes, seasons, cameos and we speculate what may come from the Friends reunion special.

"I've never seen Friends!"
"What? How?"
"I just haven't okay! So this episode has nothing for me."
"Wrong! Our news and trailer sections still exist. In which the trailer of the week is the new Angelina Jolie film 'Those Who Wish Me Dead', and the news is jam packed with She-Hulk casting, Phoebe Waller Bridge in Indiana 5, Bridgerton news, Gwilym not being able to say Lucy Liu and the BAFTAS happened."
"Oh great!" 

So whether you listen in your porschA, at your local coffee house or whilst you eat your favourite meatball sub, this episode is a dream for a Friends fan. Get involved and make sure to tell us "how you doin'" by checking in to the below social accounts. 

Guest: Becci Houlton
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