38. talkabout Guilty Pleasures w/ Gary Hewitt

May 21, 2021 Ellis & Gwilym Episode 38
38. talkabout Guilty Pleasures w/ Gary Hewitt
Show Notes

"Hey Alan!" And anyone else with a different name who perhaps doesn't understand that obscure reference...this week we talkabout GUILTY PLEASURE MOVIES with co-host of 'Choose Film' Podcast and filmmaker Gary Hewitt. 

Guilty pleasure movies are a personal thing to talkabout, but here Ellis, Gwilym and their special guest Gary are not holding back as they reveal all. With three films chosen by each of them these are 9 films that we're guilty about finding pleasure in. 'Sky High' has some very rogue relationship choices, 'Grown Ups 2' is full of Shaq and we question the science of 'Deep Blue Sea'. 

We suspect foul play in the news section as we discuss the castings for Rian Johnson's 'Knives Out 2'. And the trailer of the week is 'The Green Knight' starring Dev Patel in the leading role:

The message is, don't feel guilty about things you enjoy! Unless those things include a man dressed as a bat and a man who claims he is super. 

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