40. May Wrapped | Army of the Dead, Nomadland

June 04, 2021 Ellis & Gwilym Episode 40
40. May Wrapped | Army of the Dead, Nomadland
Show Notes

We have pulled off a dangerously impossible zombie heist to bring you this weeks episode, and we did it all from our rusty, old RV. 

Despite cinemas reopening in May, the two films we've chosen to discuss in detail are not cinema releases. We discuss what warrants those dead things being labelled as an army, and if actors are truly real people, as we delve into 'ARMY OF THE DEAD' and 'NOMADLAND' in spoilerific detail. Plus, we review some of the other releases of the month in slightly less detail: Biomutant ferrets, the cast of 'Friends' and forrest fires are all involved in the discussion. 

There is some crackly audio in this episode and to avoid spoilers, check the time stamps below: 
Army of the Dead | 31:35 - 38:32 
Nomadland | 48:15 - 01:00:43

Our current news and trailer sections still exist with the news being full of prequels and sequels and the trailer of the week being Edgar Wright's upcoming horror 'Last Night in Soho': 

This episode gets a little heated between the co-hosts, and surprisingly it's not when talking about 'Those Who Wish Me Dead', instead it's 'Nomadland' that gets our blood boiled. You don't want to miss it! 

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