41. talkabout Movie Composers

June 11, 2021 Ellis & Gwilym Episode 41
41. talkabout Movie Composers
Show Notes

This week we have our conducting batons in hand, as we talkabout the greatest movie composers of all time. 

16 musical geniuses are put into a tournament bracket to do battle until only one is left standing, claiming the title of the 'Greatest Movie Composer'. John Williams vs. Alan Silvestri; Alan Menken vs. Hans Zimmer; Black Panther vs. Pirates of the Caribbean...the ultimate baton waver will be decided, and we don't mean in a gymnastics kind of way. 
This task became too hard, that we had to ask a special guest to lend us a hand in the semi finals. 

If for some reason you hate film music composers then still check in to hear what news items have been doing the rounds this week; we have an interesting discussion about those "sneak peaks" that certain studios will put up for their films a couple of weeks before its' release. 
And the trailer of the week is 'America: The Motion Picture'. It looks hilarious, crazy and definitely 100% historically accurate... 

Get tuned up and clean your reeds, this episode is a musical one, and we hope you enjoy it. 

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