42. Top Ten 00's Films w/ Gareth

June 18, 2021 Ellis & Gwilym Episode 42
42. Top Ten 00's Films w/ Gareth
Show Notes

Battling animated films; the emergence of the modern day franchise; and dramas galore...the 00's were full of great movies. But which ones are objectively the best ten?

To answer that question, Ellis & Gwilym are joined by writer for Focus Film Gareth Bradwick to help us out in the most unpredictable list episode yet! Gwilym is a weeb, Ellis is full of fun facts and Gareth has a long, long list of rewatches to get through. 

In the weekly news and trailer sections, Gwilym gets angry with anime spinoffs and Ellis chooses 'tick tick...BOOM!' as the Trailer of the Week: 

So give it a listen to see if 'Casino Royale' hits it's mark; if 'Hot Fuzz' is still a hot buzz and if 'Surf's Up' decided to show up! 

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