46. talkabout Black Widow

July 16, 2021 Ellis & Gwilym Episode 46
46. talkabout Black Widow
Show Notes

"I doubt the God from space has to take Ibuprofen after a fight!"

This week we talkabout the newest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: 'Black Widow'. Hitting cinemas and Disney+ last week we dissect the theories, speculate the future and outright review the movie. The episode is spoiler free for a while and there is an alert within the episode informing you when we start to spoil.

If Marvel isn't your thing then quite frankly you've picked the wrong podcast, but of course we still have our news and trailer sections. In the news we discuss The Family and The Furious, Zack Snyder and a cast to rival 'Knives Out 2'. The trailer of the week is unbelievably not the Marvel trailer that released but the teaser for the next Walt Disney Animation Studios film 'Encanto': 

So put your seatbelt on, and get ready for loads of locations, many Russian accents and a post credit sting to make you giddy, curious and nervous all at the same time. We've watched 'Black Widow', and it was explosive!

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