47. talkabout Creating a Suicide Squad

July 23, 2021 Ellis & Gwilym Episode 47
47. talkabout Creating a Suicide Squad
Show Notes

"What are we some kind of Suicide Squad?" 

This week we talkabout what our dream Suicide Squad would look like. Both Ellis & Gwilym have dived into the multiverse and assembled a team of 8 criminals from various different films, TV shows and Video Games. It gets a little bizarre with discussions of poncho guns, Bob the Builder, monkey noises and 'the eight B's'. 

Elsewhere our usual sections are back but in smaller style, as only one big trailer has been released, Pixar's next feature 'Turning Red', which you can find by hitting the following link: 
The news features talks of a Nickelodeon brawler game, the nominations for the Emmy Awards and a favourite of ours, Mr Robert Downey Jr. 

So bust yourself out of jail, grab a gun and get fighting crime with crime, cause these suicide squads are unlike any you'll have dreamt up before. 

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