Conversation Z

Black Lives Matter

October 23, 2020 Glitter Moneyyy Season 1 Episode 4
Conversation Z
Black Lives Matter
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A take-over special of Conversation Z featuring Naper Youth for BLM, a student led organization based in Naperville, Illinois. Tune in as ten Naperville Central High School seniors lead us in discussing the Black Lives Matter movement, teen activism, and how they came together to impact change within their community. Joined by musical guests, Glitter Moneyyy. Presented by NWSOFA-Indivisible. 

Who is Naper Youth?
What is BLM?
Stories on Racism
Teen Activism, Pt. 1
Misconceptions of BLM
Teen Activism, Pt. 2
2020 Election
Ways to Support BLM
Closing Message
Vote by Glitter Moneyyy